Evaluation of athletic qualities in training center

13 novembre 2013

A team is composed of several individuals moving to different positions, should be individualized physical preparation for each player based on its own criteria. It’s essential to carry out many physical tests to calibrate the player’s performance, and that, for the sake of progress and individualization.

During the 2013 season, the idea was to establish athletic profiles of all players of the Training Center FC Metz.
So as to reproduce accurately all the tests used, they were made at Halle Athletics Metz (covered)

7000 m2 of total area, the Ring consists of a circular track 200 m to 6 lanes, a track of 60 m, an area of the shot and the jump areas in height, length to pole vault and triple jump.

Here are the tests used during this season:

  • Biometric : Weight / Height / Body Fat
  • Aerobics: Vameval
  • Speed: 10m straight start screeching halt, 20m and 30m launched
  • Explosion, power: Squat Jump / Counter Movement Jump
  • Flexibility: Mobility posterior chain
  • Strength : 1RM bench press

Video tests conducted November 13, 2013 – Halle Athletics Metz :

Example of card profiles :

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